Getting your Garden Chelsea Flower Show Ready

With stunning displays and exquisite flower arrangements, the Chelsea Flower Show is an annual horticultural event that inspires gardeners around the world. The event sets ambitious standards for design, creativity, and plant selection. If your dream is to showcase your garden at the Chelsea, or simply want to create a breath-taking oasis in your own garden, read on to discover more.  

This article will guide you through the steps on how to get ‘Chelsea Flower Show’ ready using Green Blue Gardens solutions.  

1. Plan your design:  

    Before diving into landscaping your garden, take the time to plan your garden design in detail. Consider the space available and your personal preferences. Seek inspiration from others and be open to exploring different techniques and styles.  

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    2. Choosing the right plants:   

      Plant selection is crucial for achieving a show-worthy garden design. Research the types of the plants that thrive in your climate and soil conditions, aiming for a mix of flowering plants, foliage plants and structural elements to create depth and interest. Consider placement alongside key areas for dinning and relaxation pairing with  furniture and soft furnishings. 



      3. Create striking features:  

      To make your garden stand out, incorporate eye-catching features. By installing a water feature, such as a fountain or pond adds tranquillity, updating pathways with arches creates structure and variety. It is important to ensure these features harmonise with the overall design and do not overpower the natural beauty of the established trees and plants within.

       4. Consider all times of the day:  

      Incorporating lighting into your garden increases its beauty, even when the sun has set. Lighting offers a calming environment ensures your garden is usable throughout the evening too.


      5. Perfect Plant Placement:  

      Understanding the needs of your plants is vital for their success. Group plants with similar water, soil, and sunlight requirements together. Consider their growth patterns and heights to create a visually balanced composition. Use layering techniques and wall facades such as the PlantBox to incorporate planting into your hard landscapes.

      We eagerly await this year’s winners at the Chelsea Flower Show, where the stunning displays captivate a worldwide audience with different gardening scenarios; Show Gardens, Container Gardens, Balcony Gardens, Sanctuary Gardens and much more.  

      Each year, the event sets new standards, displaying the best in gardening and igniting the countries passion for sustainable nature-based solutions.  

      Green Blue Gardens / GreenBlue Urban were honoured to award two entry tickets to Barratt David Wilson Homes and wish them the most memorable day.  

      While participating in your own Chelsea Flower Show dream, remember many of the ambitious gardens are achievable in your own garden by applying these simple techniques. Enjoy the process by being out in nature and embracing your own creativity.  

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      Happy Gardening!