Getting Spring Ready with Green Blue Gardens…

Whether you’re a budding gardener just starting out, a green fingered enthusiast or even a full time landscape gardener, GreenBlue Gardens have compiled some tips, just in time to get your garden ready for Spring.

Following a harsh winter, with record rainfall, it is likely that your garden will benefit from some routine maintenance.  Just as we give our homes a good spring clean, there are areas of our garden that would benefit too.

Here are 5 tips to get your garden into shape as springtime arrives.

  1. Cleaning your paving – the use of a pressure washer, will ensure kept in the best condition, dirty paving can be unsafe to walk on. How regularly you clean will depend on the type of paving. As you clean your block paving, dirt, moss and sand will be removed from your paving joints. Without sand between the joints, block paving can become unstable so you should re-fill the joints with new kiln dried sand, brushing it in once your paving is dry.
  2. Loving your lawn – will no doubt have taken a battering over the winter, Raking and scarifying removes the unwanted mosses and dead grasses and allows the lawn to breath. will benefit from a feed with a quality, organic lawn fertiliser in early spring, which will provide the essential nutrients it requires over the coming months. Whilst working on your lawn, you should overseed any bare patches so that your lawn is looking full and green, ready for the summer season.
  3. Feeding your borders - Take this opportunity to remove unwanted debris from the soil surface, as well as any resilient early sprouting weeds that may have appeared. Hold off pruning perennials until fresh green sprouts appear, old growth may look unsightly however they are a haven for nature whilst still scold. Be mindful for wildlife so not to disturb.
  4. Repair and refresh – Now is the perfect time to repair old fences, consider other structures / ornaments that could do with a revival, sheds, decking. Re-oiling furniture. Recycling old pots that may have been damaged throughout the winter.
  5. Tidy the shed – Inspect your garden tools, do they need cleaning, sharpening? Chance to maintain the lawnmower before its first cut. Do you have all seed container ready and organised, soil all ready to go?

We hope the above is a helpful guide, we look forward to looking at planting suggestions and garden transformations throughout the Spring and Summer.  Do tag is in your transformations, we would love to see them @GreenBlueGardens

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