Gardening Vertically for Compact Spaces

Low on available space in your garden? Have you considered vertical gardening? Almost nothing is impossible to grow when using Green Wall systems and climbers such as The Green Blue Gardens PlantBox, Trellis system or Steel mesh Netting. Vegetables, flowers, and even herbs can be grown within these systems.

Traditional gardeners have used available spaces such as walls for hundreds of years and green walls/roofs are becoming a hot trend this summer. Gardens are adapting to unique directions this year with recycling plastic bottles, old plant pots, wooden pallets and artwork. These creative new ideas have been able to transform our gardens into showroom masterpieces, creating birdhouses, living walls and a framework for our patio spaces.

GreenBlue Gardens PlantBox

The advantages of green walls are that they allow for less space to be used in the hub of the garden for crops, they are visually pleasing and allow for a cleaner finish. Points to look ourout for with a green wall are correct planting for shaded areas and whether your existing wall is strong enough to withstand the weight of the plants you are growing. Plants are quite happy to grow in any available space they you can, if they can access soil, water, and sunlight. They will find any crack in a pavement or wall they can find to use the space provided, which is why Maintenace is very important when dealing with green wall systems.

We encourage you to use colour, texture and fresh scents in your green walls and give ‘vertical gardening’ a try this year, we look forward to seeing your PplantBboxes blossom and thrive whilst housing a healthy buzz of insects and animals. In addition, vertical planting can help with insulating buildings – shading in the summer and from cold winds in the winter.


GreenBlue Gardens PlantBox


Research has shown that ivy clad walls can reduce internal temperatures by up to 7.2°C, saving cooling costs, so consider which vertical facades could support green growth, making your building resilient to future climate change. Green vertical gardening also increases bio-diversity, making your place a haven for nature. This will give you the pleasure of seeing a wide range of insect, bird and mammal life in your space.